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What emerging trends do you anticipate for the year ahead and what underlying factors are driving these expectations?

In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, foresight is key to staying ahead of emerging threats and safeguarding our digital future. As we approach the dawn of a new year, we turn to preeminent voices in the field to peer into the crystal ball of technology. From the rise of sophisticated cyberthreats to the transformative impact […]

Go Phish: Meriam El Ouazzani, Regional Sales Director, META, SentinelOne

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? My most memorable achievement in cybersecurity unfolded during my tenure at VMware, where I was Channel Lead for Microsegmentation and NSX technology. This period marked a transformative chapter for VMware, catalysed by the company’s strategic acquisition of Nicira. I was entrusted with […]

Public sector cybersecurity: Confidence vs reality – A Check Point software study 

Report unveils misplaced confidence in cybersecurity among public sector entities. Check Point Software Technologies, in partnership with the Public Sector Executive (PSE), has released a comprehensive report examining cybersecurity attitudes within public sector organisations. Titled Cyber Security: the heart and soul of trust between citizens and public sector organisations, the report reveals a significant gap between […]

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in cybersecurity this year and how will you apply this to your business strategy moving forward? 

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the lessons learned in a short timeframe can redefine an organisation’s approach to safeguarding its digital assets. As we reflect on the challenges and triumphs of the past 12 months, professionals and industry experts are compelled to share their insights on the most influential cybersecurity methods and articulate how […]

What busy CISOs need to do about the quantum threat

As the quantum threat draws closer, Duncan Jones, Quantinuum’s Head of Cybersecurity, says CISOs need to act now. He discusses what it means to prepare your organisation to be quantum resilient in the face of the greatest cryptographic threat we’ve ever encountered. The quantum threat is like climate change. Politicians struggle to implement long-term policies […]

Reflecting on the past year: Considering its impact on the future  

As the year draws to a close, Avkash Kathiriya, Sr. VP – Research and Innovation at Cyware, takes a look at the cybersecurity trends we’ve been party to over the last 12 months, as well as where the security ecosystem is heading as we approach 2024. The cybersecurity landscape in 2023 continues to be shaped […]

Biometrics: The cornerstone of secure digital identities

Biometric technology is responsible for shaping the future of digital identity as well as making great strides in creating efficiencies in cybersecurity. John Cullen, Strategic Marketing Director Digital Identity at Thales, explores the expansive benefits of biometric technology and how it acts as a key enabler for digital identity and its applications in various sectors. […]

Go Phish: James Campbell, CEO and Co-founder, Cado Security

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? It’s definitely the founding of Cado Security. We’ve been in business since 2020 and everything has happened really quickly – we’ve done three funding rounds, established ourselves in the US and UK, taken on 50 staff and scored contracts with enterprise customers in the technology and […]

Going beyond security – how biometric technology is shaping the business landscape 

Password technology has caused widespread controversy among business leaders who demand safer, more secure ways of protecting their data. Sabrina Gross, Regional Director of Strategic Partners at Veridas, discusses the benefits of biometrics as an alternative to password-based security, as well as its ability to make processes much more seamless and efficient.    Faced with […]

How can automation solve the cybersecurity skills gap?

The cybersecurity skills gap continues to dominate conversations across the industry as business leaders attempt to find a resolution. Brett Candon, VP International of Cyware, explores how and why automation could be the answer to solving the seemingly unsolvable.  The cybersecurity skills gap has become one of technology’s most challenging recurring themes in recent years. […]

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