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Why a multi-dimensional problem must be solved by a multi-dimensional solution

Sujatha Narasimhan, Senior Sales Engineer at Mimecast, tells us about the importance of a workplace security strategy. She breaks down the security limitations of Microsoft 365, describes how to build email security and explains how to defend a business’s critical data and information from hackers and other cybersecurity threats. Over 90% of all cyberattacks start […]

Deep Dive: Sujatha Narasimhan, Senior Sales Engineer at Mimecast

Orchestrating data for a secure world

Complex data environments have encouraged as much Digital Transformation as they have opportunities for bad actors to exploit weak security. Molly Presley, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hammerspace, offers advice on best practices for organisations to protect sensitive information and the importance of data officers. As organisations embrace Digital Transformation, they become more reliant on […]

Why the bad rap of traditional protection measures needs a rethink

Vibin Shaju, VP Solutions Engineering EMEA at Trellix, discusses the importance of operating with the most ideal endpoint security platform and how to establish it effectively. Nowadays everybody wants to talk about how cybersecurity is a detection and mitigation game rather than one of protection. While these arguments have undeniable merit, signature-based protection is not […]

Deep Dive: Bert Skaletski, Resident CISO, EMEA at Proofpoint

Deep Dive: Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, EMEA at Proofpoint

In this interview, Arrey Bate speaks to Andrew Rose, the Resident CISO for EMEA at Proofpoint. Andrew provides valuable insights into the crucial topic of creating a security culture and breaking the attack chain. He also shares effective strategies for organizations to enhance the human element in their security measures and sheds light on best […]

Cloud cybersecurity best practices for CISOs and CIOs

With the cloud now widely adopted, many still appear to be unaware of the vulnerabilities they’re encountering and the steps to take to prevent them. Amit Tailor, Director, Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks, says that cloud security is possible but will only be achieved by taking systematic steps to strengthen your cloud cybersecurity posture.  It’s undeniable that rapid cloud […]

The role of the board of directors in cyber-risk management

Organisations require a team effort to adequately protect themselves against cyber-risks, more now than ever. Phil Venables, CISO, Google Cloud, observes the role of the board in cyber-risk management and assesses the principles it should adopt to ensure the company is prepared to deal with emerging and cybersecurity threats. Cyber risk has become a major […]

How is the cost-of-living crisis causing one-in-10 Brits to engage in ‘illegal or illicit’ online behaviour and how can this be avoided?

Eskenzi PR & Marketing, a leading global PR and Marketing agency for the cybersecurity industry, has released further results from the 2023 Cost of Living Crisis Survey, which aimed to understand how Britons – and the cybercriminals who target them – have been coping with the seemingly ever-worsening cost-of-living crisis.   The results of the survey […]

Franciscan Health utilises Fortinet Security Fabric Solutions to immunise IoT medical devices against cyberattacks 

Franciscan Health, a leading healthcare institution, takes a proactive approach to protect its IoT medical devices from the rising threat of cyberattacks. Leveraging the capabilities of Fortinet Security Fabric Solutions, Franciscan Health fortifies its network infrastructure and establishes robust security measures, ensuring the immunisation of critical medical devices against potential cyberthreats. Chuck Christian, Vice President […]

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