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Cybersecurity should be more than a technology issue

Rafi Brenner, Vice President, Information Security, Fortinet, tells us that for too long cybersecurity has been treated as a mere technology issue. “It’s not,” he says. “Cybersecurity must be seen as an enterprise risk-management imperative.” Cybercrime tactics such as phishing and social engineering, commonly used to infect critical systems with malware or ransomware, have reached […]

What busy CISOs need to do about the quantum threat

As the quantum threat draws closer, Duncan Jones, Quantinuum’s Head of Cybersecurity, says CISOs need to act now. He discusses what it means to prepare your organisation to be quantum resilient in the face of the greatest cryptographic threat we’ve ever encountered. The quantum threat is like climate change. Politicians struggle to implement long-term policies […]

Reflecting on the past year: Considering its impact on the future  

As the year draws to a close, Avkash Kathiriya, Sr. VP – Research and Innovation at Cyware, takes a look at the cybersecurity trends we’ve been party to over the last 12 months, as well as where the security ecosystem is heading as we approach 2024. The cybersecurity landscape in 2023 continues to be shaped […]

Biometrics: The cornerstone of secure digital identities

Biometric technology is responsible for shaping the future of digital identity as well as making great strides in creating efficiencies in cybersecurity. John Cullen, Strategic Marketing Director Digital Identity at Thales, explores the expansive benefits of biometric technology and how it acts as a key enabler for digital identity and its applications in various sectors. […]

How can cybersecurity professionals grapple with alert fatigue and how does this impact operations? 

Devo Technology, the cloud-native security analytics company, has unveiled the results of a new study examining the ramifications of cybersecurity burnout, finding the vast majority of IT security professionals admit stress has led them and peers to make errors that have caused data breaches.  Recent estimates put the shortage of cybersecurity professionals at 3.5 million. The survey, conducted by […]

Going beyond security – how biometric technology is shaping the business landscape 

Password technology has caused widespread controversy among business leaders who demand safer, more secure ways of protecting their data. Sabrina Gross, Regional Director of Strategic Partners at Veridas, discusses the benefits of biometrics as an alternative to password-based security, as well as its ability to make processes much more seamless and efficient.    Faced with […]

Addressing the court of cybersecurity: How to tailor defences to the legal industry

Operating with a security-conscious workforce requires constant nurturing and commitment. Dan Schiappa, CPO at Arctic Wolf, discusses the areas in which the legal industry needs to prioritise resourcing to operate with a reliable security infrastructure. Hit the gavel. It’s time to talk about cybersecurity in the legal industry. The UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre […]

How can automation solve the cybersecurity skills gap?

The cybersecurity skills gap continues to dominate conversations across the industry as business leaders attempt to find a resolution. Brett Candon, VP International of Cyware, explores how and why automation could be the answer to solving the seemingly unsolvable.  The cybersecurity skills gap has become one of technology’s most challenging recurring themes in recent years. […]

CISO responsibilities when it comes to securing APIs

Andy Mills, VP for EMEA at Cequence Security, on why API security should be championed by the CISO and how this can be done.   The remit of the CISO is not to fix coding or security issues but to provide the structure needed to limit the potential for those to happen and to ensure […]

Global Cybersecurity Forum’s podcast returns to reimagine how we think about Cyberspace

The Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF) has launched the second season of its Rethinking Cyber podcast, bringing together the world’s best minds once again for agenda-setting conversations that revolutionise the way we think about Cyberspace. Amid tremendous global challenges and equally, opportunities in Cyberspace, Rethinking Cyber provides a timely platform for rich, nuanced discussion. Leading voices […]

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