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What does COVID teach us about OT cybersecurity?

Historically, OT processes ran on non-routable protocols. But the so-called air gap has disappeared as industrial networks converge with the IT network. This means operations teams have had to rethink the cybersecurity protections they put in place. Joe Robertson, EMEA CISO, Fortinet, explains. Today, almost no discussion about any subject goes on for long without […]

Experts explain how businesses can protect themselves from fraud

It’s International Fraud Awareness Week this week. While the current COVID-19 crisis has brought many businesses and operations to a standstill, one area it hasn’t diminished is fraud. The sad truth is that fraudsters don’t stop their crimes because of a pandemic. In fact, they often seize the immense change that comes with an event […]

It’s back to basics during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Jonathan Couch, SVP of Strategy at ThreatQuotient, gives his top tips on how to help friends and family become more cybersecurity savvy. This month marks the seventeenth year of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which focuses on helping provide individuals with resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. The COVID […]

Infosec teams must act and think differently to combat adversaries

Australia’s government and institutions are being targeted by ongoing sophisticated state-based cyber hacks. Rick McElroy, Cyber Security Strategist at VMware Carbon Black discusses intrinsic security and testing and why it is now more important than ever before with the shift to remote working in the era of COVID.  I have been following, with interest, the attacks on the […]

Why compliance does not equal security

We asked industry experts: ‘How can technology leaders ensure the work practices of their colleagues do not put their company’s cybersecurity at risk?’ Here is the response from Morey Haber, CTO and CISO at BeyondTrust. Technology leaders have a daunting challenge ensuring their colleagues do not put the organization at risk due to poor cybersecurity […]

Employees continue to be the single largest threat to their company’s IT security

We asked industry experts how technology leaders can ensure the work practices of their colleagues do not put their company’s cybersecurity at risk. Here’s what Cam Roberson, VP of Channel Development at Beachhead Solutions, had to say. Employees continue to be the single largest threat to their company’s IT security. While the popular imagination of […]

Adding a human layer to data security in government organisations

There seems to be a sense that human-activated data breaches are inevitable within the public sector, meaning risk appetite is set at a level that accepts a 25% breach risk. Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress, explains how the public sector can protect data and employees. Digital Transformation in the UK public sector has accelerated. Essential measures implemented to control COVID-19 […]

Go Phish: We get to know Jay Ryerse at ConnectWise

Ryerse is responsible for driving cybersecurity initiatives throughout the organisation and the MSP market, as well as providing education around managing cyber-risk for ConnectWise partners and their clients. We Go Phish with Jay Ryerse, CISSP, Vice President of Cybersecurity Initiatives at ConnectWise. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? […]

Tips for evaluating and implementing managed detection and response

The recent shift to remote working due to the pandemic has driven more companies to embrace managed detection and response services (MDR). Jan van Vliet, EMEA VP and GM at Digital Guardian, explains why MDR services are important in today’s world. Building a cybersecurity team with the skills to leverage today’s sophisticated detection and response […]

Why cybercrime remains a worrying business challenge in a COVID-lockdown world

With cybercriminals intent on exploiting organizations to regain access to critical data stores, Scott Jarkoff, Director, Strategic Threat Advisory Group, APJ and EMEA, CrowdStrike, tells us ransomware is the technique of choice for cybercriminals around the world. As organizations across Asia Pacific struggle with the upheavals caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital not to […]

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