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Secure Internet: Demystifying Utopia

Miguel Sanhueza, Academic, Department of Electricity, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, UTEM, says achieving a fully secure Internet may be a utopian goal – but through education, awareness, and collective responsibility a more resilient and protected digital space can be built. The notion of a completely secure Internet is, in many respects, an unattainable […]

Zespri’s Cybersecurity Transformation: A Fruitful Partnership with Palo Alto Networks

Tim Lloyd, Head of Digital Operations, for New Zealand based Zespri International, the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, talks Intelligent CIO through the collaboration with Palo Alto Networks that transformed its cybersecurity capacity. In an era where cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, organisations must remain vigilant and proactive to protect their digital assets and operations. […]

Genetec: Physical security is ‘speeding towards the cloud’

The adoption of cloud for physical security is accelerating after a decade of gradual progress, the Genetec Global Press Summit 2024 heard. Presenting Genetec’s State of Physical Security 2024 report, Andrew Elvish, Vice President Marketing, Genetec, told the event at Genetec’s DCXC suite, Washington DC, that the 2023 survey showed 44% of end users indicating […]

Genetec ‘redefines the possibilities’ for cloud-based physical security

A new chapter opens in the technology evolution of the physical security industry as Genetec introduces enterprise-grade, unified SaaS solution. Genetec, a leading global technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, has launched its Security Center SaaS concept. Billed as built with cybersecurity and privacy at its core, Security Center […]

Expert urges universities to make cybersecurity a priority after attack on University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has been hit by a malicious denial of service attack. As a result, Internet access became intermittent and incoming connections to websites, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and VPN were also impacted. Paul Holland, cybersecurity expert and CEO of Beyond Encryption, said: “Universities are not immune from on-going digitalisation, with the […]

Cybersecurity experts respond to LockBit takedown

LockBit, a notorious cybercrime gang that holds its victims’ data to ransom, has been disrupted in a rare international law enforcement operation. The news has been confirmed by the gang itself, and US and UK authorities. The operation was run by Britain’s National Crime Agency, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Europol and a coalition […]

Tesserent Academy and ALC Training recognised as first ISACA Australian accredited training provider

Tesserent Academy and ALC Training, part of Tesserent cyber solutions by Thales, is the first ISACA Elite Plus Partner in Australia/APAC region to be an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) earning ISACA’s globally recognised and coveted credentials. The ISACA accreditation means Tesserent Academy and ALC Training’s products and services have been independently assessed to ensure consistent, […]

Navigating cyberattacks: Strategies for resilient recovery

Majd Sinan, Security Leader, Gulf, Levant and Pakistan at IBM, tells us how minimizing the impact of ransomware attacks demands a shift in mindset. Imagine your organisation was just hit by a ransomware attack, and all your data is suddenly inaccessible. Your files have been encrypted by a hacker, who is now demanding a hefty […]

Romanian healthcare facilities hit by cyberattack

A ransomware attack has hit over a hundred Romanian healthcare facilities, including dozens of hospitals. The attackers have demanded 3.5 bitcoin, worth over £130,000 to unlock the files. But cyber-officials have claimed the data had been recently backed up, reducing the impact – and possibly meaning that the facilities should be able to bounce back […]

Chainalysis research reveals cryptocriminals laundered US$22.2billion in 2023

The vast majority (72%) of illicit funds were sent to just five off-ramping services as criminals sought to convert illegal crypto earnings into fiat currencies. Shining a spotlight on the laundering of cryptocurrencies, Chainalysis has revealed that such activity fell sharply, by nearly 30% last year. The Blockchain data company’s researchers have found that in […]

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