The Complete Guide to Operationalizing IaC Security

The Complete Playbook to Operationalizing IaC Security

Dive into the Step-by-Step IaC Security Playbook

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is the key to shifting cloud security left. But if you don’t embed security best practices from day one, you may run into challenges that can negate the benefits of IaC. To make the most of IaC for optimizing your cloud operations and security, you need a proactive and deliberate IaC security strategy.

As you implement your IaC strategy, there are many considerations – from the path you take to how you roll it out across teams. To help you parse out these decisions and make your IaC security journey as seamless as possible, we’ve developed this operational playbook.

It walks through a comprehensive step-by-step plan to help you choose your IaC security path based on your needs, operationalize and scale your program and gauge success along the way.

Download the guide for insights, including:

  • The most common security challenges teams face when leveraging IaC.
  • Actionable best practices to leverage IaC for a secure-by-default environment.
  • Considerations for measuring and optimizing your IaC security program for success.
  • And more!

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