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Go Phish: Jameeka Green Aaron, CISO of Auth0

We ‘go phishing’ with Jameeka Green Aaron, CISO of Auth0, who tells us about life inside and outside the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? The most memorable was watching Orion EFT 1 launch and land. It was a full circle moment for me. My team worked […]

Deep Dive – Spencer Lichtenstein, Product Strategist, RSA Security

In this edition of our Deep Dive series, Spencer Lichtenstein, Product Strategist at RSA Security, talks us through the steps organisations must take when launching a remote SOC.

Closing the skills gap: The art of finding and retaining cybersecurity talent

The cybersecurity skills gap is not going away any time soon. Tim Bandos, CISO at Digital Guardian, explains how companies shouldn’t always rely on the same channels to look for employees. He says sometimes the perfect employee for the job is already in the company but just needs further training. Much has been written about […]

Take the pressure down! Four ways to lower the stress levels of your cybersecurity team

A cyberattack is an existential threat to all companies, which puts the pressure on cybersecurity teams. The pressure continues to increase as more staff work from home and the skills gap continues to exist. Simon Howe, Vice President Asia Pacific Sales, LogRhythm, explains how companies can help ease the pressure on their cybersecurity teams. The […]

It’s back to basics during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Jonathan Couch, SVP of Strategy at ThreatQuotient, gives his top tips on how to help friends and family become more cybersecurity savvy. This month marks the seventeenth year of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which focuses on helping provide individuals with resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. The COVID […]

Adding a human layer to data security in government organisations

There seems to be a sense that human-activated data breaches are inevitable within the public sector, meaning risk appetite is set at a level that accepts a 25% breach risk. Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress, explains how the public sector can protect data and employees. Digital Transformation in the UK public sector has accelerated. Essential measures implemented to control COVID-19 […]

Cybersecurity in the COVID era: Guarding against phishing

While employees have, in the main, adapted to working from home, the rapid move to a remote workforce as a result of Coronavirus has left many organisations highly susceptible to cyberattacks. Andrew Morris, Managing Consultant at Turnkey Consulting, explains how companies can protect themselves against phishing. One of the most common threats is phishing, a […]

Bitglass expert on new threats to the APAC region

Dave Shephard, Vice President Asia Pacific and Japan, Bitglass, discusses the new cyberthreats facing the region. The major cyberthreats facing Asia Pacific today largely reflect those faced elsewhere around the world. We connect to the same Internet and use many of the same applications and services. New threats stem from how we connect to those […]

Go Phish: Paul Balkwell, VP – International Sales, ZIX

We ‘Go Phish’ with VP – International Sales at ZIX, Paul Balkwell, who tells us how he likes to relax and unwind outside of the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? I’ve been unbelievably lucky to have attracted incredible talent and built fantastic teams that have had […]

Passing on passwords: How to embrace the new identity era

The username and password have long been the baseline method for protecting accounts, but for consumers and businesses alike, they’ve become a lose-lose. Nick Caley, Vice President, UK and Ireland, ForgeRock, explains why. For consumers, the tipping point passed when the number of online accounts they held reached the hundreds, meaning they can no longer be […]

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