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Yonkers Police Department unveils Motorola Solutions AWARE Crime Control Centre

Underscoring its commitment to the safety and security of the community and officers, the Yonkers Police Department has announced the opening of its new AWARE Crime Control Centre, a technology-enhanced room that fuses real-time video from the city’s network of safety cameras with other critical data and geospatial mapping. The AWARE centre will allow Yonkers […]

Only 16% of organisations recovered all data via attacker decryption tools after paying ransomware demand

Almost all IT and security leaders (96%) globally are concerned their organisation will be unable to maintain Business Continuity following a cyberattack, according to a new study released by Rubrik, a Zero Trust data security company. The State of Data Security by Rubrik Zero Labs: The Hard Truths of Data Security provides a unique view into the […]

API fee challenges and cybersecurity key concerns for media and entertainment organisations transitioning to cloud

Wasabi Technologies has released the findings of its global cloud storage index, focused on the media and entertainment (M&E) industry. The survey, commissioned by Wasabi Technologies and conducted by Vanson Bourne, seeks to uncover the changing attitudes amongst IT leaders in M&E organisations towards public cloud storage adoption, the factors that influence storage buying decisions and the top […]

Yes, cybersecurity is important, but is your data physically safe?

In order to prevent data loss as much as possible, it is crucial for the premises of a data centre to be secure. Sienna Dzanic, Global Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager at Axis Communications, discusses the use of smart technology to physically secure server rooms, buildings, or data centres and ultimately, protect data assets. In today’s digital information era, protecting […]

How CISOs can upskill performance amidst the security talent shortage

The answer to the ongoing talent shortage could be right under the nose of those in the hiring seat – upskill your current workforce. Matias Madou, Co-founder and CTO at Secure Code Warrior, discusses the importance of training up current employees to enhance skills and development from within, contributing to an overall security-first culture. CISOs […]

BlackBerry research finds UK manufacturers increasingly wary of nation-state threats

BlackBerry has released the BlackBerry Manufacturing Cybersecurity Study, with a warning that outdated and unsupported legacy operational technologies (OT) are exposing substantial vulnerabilities for UK manufacturers facing escalating threats from nation-state attacks. The survey of 250 manufacturing IT decision-makers across the UK revealed that while many (35%) anticipate an elevated risk of cyberattack in 2023, almost three-quarters […]

How does adopting cloud and hybrid environments drive change in managing identities?

In today’s environment where cyberattacks are likely, it is crucial to review and update your security and identity management systems before it is too late. Denis Dorval, Vice President, International (EMEA & APAC) at JumpCloud, discusses the impact of cloud and hybrid environments on managing identities and the common difficulties of adopting an identity-driven security […]

More than half of UK businesses impacted by supply chain cyberbreaches

More than half (57%) of UK businesses have been impacted because of a cybersecurity/information security incident caused by a third-party vendor or supply chain partner, according to new research published by The report found that nearly one in three (30%) cite managing vendor and third-party risk as a top information security challenge, with average […]

Nearly half of CISOs in the UAE experienced loss of sensitive data in the past 12 months

Proofpoint’s annual Voice of the CISO report has revealed that 75% of CISOs in the UAE believe employees leaving the organisation contributed to a data loss incident, a challenge exacerbated by staff turnover. We take a look at the results of the survey in more detail and grasp an understanding of how CISOs can focus on the right priorities to move their […]

What are the security implications of using ChatGPT?

Countries across the globe are wary of the potential cybersecurity implications of latest tech phenomenon that is ChatGPT. In light of recent ChatGPT concerns in the news, Richard Forrest, Legal Director at UK law firm, Hayes Connor, expresses major apprehensions that a considerable proportion of the population lacks a proper understanding of how generative AI, […]

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