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Software AG, IBTech partner to develop unified emergency services with centre in Saudi Arabia

Software AG, and Intelligent Business Technologies, IBTech, an IT focused subsidiary of Albara’ah Telecom, have entered into a partnership to nurture the formation of advanced safe and smart cities in the region. This partnership will foster the creation of unified emergency services across the Middle East region in addition to a successfully designed, developed deployed […]

Akamai research shows 193 million mobile malware attacks flagged for consumers in EMEA

Akamai Technologies has launched a new State of the Internet report on malicious Domain Name System (DNS) traffic. The report, Attack Superhighway: A Deep Dive on Malicious DNS Traffic, looks into attacks that present a major threat to both enterprises and home users.  On the consumer side, the data demonstrates an outbreak of information-stealing malware targeting […]

How far is threat intelligence data vital to a successful and well-rounded cyber strategy?  

As technology progresses, data breaches continue to skyrocket and this isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. It is predicted that by the end of 2023 the cost of cybercrime is going to hit just under £6.5 trillion. Acquiring threat intelligence data is a primary step in preventing cyberattacks and web scraping should be the […]

Research finds 48% of global critical manufacturing at significant risk of breach

Global cybersecurity risk measurement standard is needed to build cyber-resilience and address critical infrastructure trust deficit, says SecurityScorecard. Recognising the persistent threat posed by ransomware attacks to organisations of all sizes, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has announced the establishment of its new pilot to actively warn critical infrastructure entities about such vulnerabilities. […]

Cybersecurity in Africa: Many still believe cybercrime won’t affect them

Criminal masterminds, smart attack vectors, clever phishing tactics and sophisticated cybercrime methodologies are putting people and platforms at risk. Anna Collard, SVP, Content Strategy and Evangelist at KnowBe4 Africa, reviews the findings of the organisation’s poll which assessed cybersecurity awareness in Africa – determining employee understanding and preparedness when it comes to mitigating cyber-risk. The digital landscape […]

How are data centres failing to connect the dots between cyber and physical security?

Nick Smith, Business Development Manager at Genetec, says that in order to secure an organisation against cyberattacks, it should approach security holistically – recognising it as both a business issue and an IT issue and both should work together collaboratively to address it.  As the use of data centres has grown in popularity, so has […]

ThreatLocker: The Best Practices for Common Cybersecurity Threats in 2023 

Around the world, cyber threats are on the rise, with attackers increasingly targeting organisations’ most valued assets, necessitating businesses to ensure greater protection and smoother experiences for their users. ThreatLocker, a cybersecurity company developing tools for decades including programs for endpoint and network security, has outlined the best practices which organisations can implement when faced with […]

Open Systems serves up strong security posture for AmerCareRoyal

Jeff DeSandre, Chief Information Officer, AmerCareRoyal, tells us how AmerCareRoyal found a partner in Open Systems that became the centerpiece of its security program. AmerCareRoyal provides disposable products for the food service and hospitality industries. Based in the US, the company has a dedicated supply chain engine that unifies eight individual companies brought together by […]

Is the most cost-effective move in the cost of living crisis investing in cybersecurity solutions?

JP Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO of cybersecurity firm Onapsis, urges businesses to invest during the cost of living crisis because the power of investing in prevention should not be underestimated.  In the midst of the biggest cost-of-living crisis in decades, the looming threat of recession and an unprecedented energy crisis, organisations of all sizes are trying to […]

Endor Labs partners with security and tech leaders to identify top 10 open source software risks

Endor Labs, creators of the Dependency Lifecycle Management platform helping development and security teams maximise the use of open source software (OSS), has unveiled the top 10 open source software risks of 2023. The report is compiled by the company’s Station 9 research team, which brings together global researchers and software development specialists to uncover shortcomings in traditional methods […]

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