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Securing one of our most valued assets on Data Privacy Day

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, we must ensure our data is protected at all costs. Ahead of the annual Data Protection Day, a number of industry experts discuss the importance of protecting data and why organisations should embed this into their core values. Sean Carpenter, Senior Director, Product Management & Data Privacy at project44  “Supply chains […]

Illumio expert on confronting modern ransomware with Zero Trust segmentation

Modern ransomware uses advanced attack techniques that make it difficult to detect and remediate, resulting in greater financial implications for many organisations. To have a chance of getting ahead of attackers, defences also need to evolve. Here, Trevor Dearing, Technical Director, EMEA, Illumio, highlights how Zero Trust segmentation can stop ransomware in its tracks, as […]

Three identity management trends to consider in 2022

The shift to remote working has highlighted a need for organisations to adapt to an identity-centric approach to their cybersecurity and governance strategies. Craig Ramsay, Senior Solution Consultant, Omada, discusses the management of identities and their associated risk and how business leaders can strengthen their security strategies for the year ahead. Employers and their workers […]

The future CISO is a Chief Trust Officer, according to expert

The convergence of network and security means CISOs are now firmly in the spotlight, becoming the new Chief Trust Officer for their organisations. Tris Morgan, Director of Global Advisory, BT, shares his views on why a Chief Trust Officer is key to driving organisational change across the business. Right now, many businesses are at different […]

Top tech trends to watch in 2022, according to experts

Business operations have been quite unpredictable for the last couple of years, making it challenging to predict what might happen next and how the IT industry will be affected by certain developments. Experts from Citrix, LogicMonitor, Confluent, OpenText, Zuora, Denodo, McAfee Enterprise, NTT, Delphix, CyberRes and Endava take a look at some of the trends […]

The changing role of the CISO and what’s required

Andrew Jenkins, Principal in the CIO & Technology Officers Practice at Odgers Berndtson, reflects on some of the key developments for CISOs in 2021 and explores how the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is changing alongside Digital Transformation demands. In 2020, CISOs were among the first C-level executives to scramble early and […]

It’s time for a new wave of collaboration in cybersecurity

Collaboration between security teams and also on a more wider scale – between organisations – is key to fostering a strong cybersecurity culture and tackling sophisticated cyberthreats. Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA, Netskope, explores this further and discusses the importance of collaboration in reducing the time between new threat discovery and protection implementation which allows organisations […]

The key to managing and securing multicloud infrastructures

The cloud in all forms can be used as a valuable tool for modern businesses and is now widely adopted among the majority. Ronan David, VP Business Development and Marketing at EfficientIP, explores the true value of multicloud and how businesses should best manage and secure it to reap its benefits. When it comes to […]

Get ready for public extortion, serious scams and AI; cyber in 2022 and beyond

From major supply chain disruption and COVID-related scams, to devastating ransomware attacks and emerging deep fakes, 2021 was undoubtedly another momentous year for cybersecurity. Tris Morgan, Global Director Security Advisory, BT, discusses some of the pivotal trends he expects to shape the cybersecurity industry as we set our sights on what’s to come in 2022. We’ve […]

How ransomware is destabilising cyber insurance – and what to do about it

With the rise of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) techniques, double extortion attacks and the low cost of ransomware kits, unsustainable loss ratios have convulsed the insurance market. Thom Langford, Global Security Advocate at SentinelOne, discusses why in order for businesses to protect themselves from ransomware, they need to stop choosing between investing in a better security stack […]

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