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Fortanix expert on how European companies are taking back control of their data in the cloud

When running workloads with sensitive and regulated data in the cloud, organisations are seeking greater options to enable them to protect and control that data themselves. Faiyaz Shahpurwala, Chief Product Officer at Fortanix, tells us how, by taking control of their encryption keys, organisations will be able complete their Digital Transformation journeys and start applying […]

Poll hacks: How cybercriminals aim to disrupt elections

The UK general election is upon us and amongst the bombardment of polarised political news, cybercriminals cast a menacing shadow. These are politically unprecedented times and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre knows it. David Warburton, Senior Threat Evangelist, F5 Labs talks us through the different forms of cyberattack and how they might manifest themselves […]

Protecting the IoT-driven network – a multi-stage approach

Simon Wilson, CTO HPE Aruba UK and Ireland, gives us invaluable advice on deploying a multi-stage strategy to ensure protection vulnerable IoT-driven networks. The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just the next stage in technical development. For many businesses it represents a valuable source of data which can be used to gain new […]

Troye Technical Director on extending security to the cloud

Business leaders now have a choice whether they want to continue using their trusted firewall or move to a next-generation firewall delivered by appliances or as cloud services to protect the outer perimeter security in branch offices. Troye Technical Director Kurt Goodall says Citrix offers various choices, from the long-established multi-site to the advanced multi-layered […]

Kaspersky expert on how to decide on your company’s IT security budget

In the modern world, there are a plethora of security products and services to choose from. Businesses can find it daunting to navigate their way through these options to choose the best one. Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer at Kaspersky, outlines the different approaches that companies can take when it comes to planning their IT […]

Gartner: Leveraging automation for modern security

Modern security teams are facing more threats than ever, as well as more pressure to provide business value. Katell Thielemann, VP Analyst at Gartner, tells us why it’s so important that CISOs consider automation tools to balance security with efficiencies. Security and risk leaders must explore automation to provide increased business value and maintain security […]

McAfee Labs offers insight into the threats ahead in 2020 Threats Predictions Report

With 2019’s headlines of ransomware, malware and RDP attacks almost behind us, we shift our focus to the cybercrime threats ahead. Cybercriminals are increasing the complexity and volume of their attacks and campaigns, always looking for ways to stay one step ahead of cybersecurity practices – and more often using the world’s evolving technology against […]

KnowBe4 expert on using threat intelligence to build data driven defence

The security landscape is complex, meaning that decision-makers can, through no fault of their own, struggle to make the best choices for their organisations, says Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4. He tells us why organisations should use a mix of internal and external threat reports to obtain a holistic view of the threats […]

Ensuring robust cybersecurity ahead of the seasonal e-commerce onslaught

David Warburton, Principal Threat Evangelist at F5 Networks, explains why consumers and retailers alike should be alert for the next few months. The seasonal e-commerce feeding frenzy is always big news. Hyperactive online activity and potentially compromised purchasing, promotion and sales behaviours are like a red rag to a bull for enterprising cybercriminals. From denial […]

Panaseer expert on how automation reduces complexity for CISOs

Nik Whitfield, CEO, Panaseer, tells us how CISOs grappling with numerous disparate tools should consider automation tools to help make their lives easier. CISOs are currently suffering with compliance reporting overload. This is because organisations are subject to three critical market forces, which are fundamentally changing the cybersecurity sector. The first is that cloud and […]

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