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Navigating cyberattacks: Strategies for resilient recovery

Majd Sinan, Security Leader, Gulf, Levant and Pakistan at IBM, tells us how minimizing the impact of ransomware attacks demands a shift in mindset. Imagine your organisation was just hit by a ransomware attack, and all your data is suddenly inaccessible. Your files have been encrypted by a hacker, who is now demanding a hefty […]

How to pivot a PII strategy against the growing threat of cyberattacks

Stockholm-based Petra Tesch, Chief Information Officer, Vizrt, asks how can a company ensure its Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is adequately protected? Cyberthreats are increasing and becoming more serious by the day, so it’s crucial for organisations to stay one step ahead when safeguarding their digital assets. Personal identification information (PII) sits on the firing line, […]

Why CIOs need a secure strategy for output management

In today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, it is important that companies invest in a robust defence against digital vulnerabilities – but output management is one area that is often overlooked. This complex environment can be challenging to manage. Mark Chillingworth, European Technology Leadership Writer, Editor & Founder, Horizon CIO Network, offers some insight into how […]

How Zero Trust has evolved with the times

Dave Russell, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, tells us how the idea of Zero Trust has had to evolve with the times. Around 18 months ago, I was writing about the ‘endless journey’ to Zero Trust. I used the word ‘endless’ because Zero Trust is a mindset rather than a product or a destination […]

Five tips to stay out of the phishing trap

Bashar Bashaireh, Managing Director, Middle East and Turkey, Cloudflare, outlines key recommendations that will help organisations stay out of the phishing trap. Email is the most exploited business application. It is the primary initial attack vector for cybersecurity incidents, and contains vast amounts of trade secrets, PII, financial data and other sensitive matters of value […]

The importance of Nudge Theory in email security

Robin Bell, CISO at Egress, provides insight into the essential components of robust email security strategies. It’s estimated that individuals make 35,000 decisions every day according to psychologists, or one decision every two seconds. That’s not to say that each decision has a big impact, most are small and often instinctive like taking a sip […]

Building trust in Generative AI through a Zero Trust approach

San Francisco-based Tim Freestone, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Kiteworks, tells us how the evolution of Generative AI prompts the necessity for a Zero Trust security approach, combining cybersecurity principles and authentication safeguards to ensure trust and integrity in AI-generated content. As Generative AI rapidly evolves in its ability to create increasingly sophisticated synthetic […]

Championing privacy-first security: Harmonizing privacy and security compliance

Emily Hancock, Data Privacy Officer at Cloudflare, tells us the key to ensuring data privacy lies in the implementation of effective data security. The conventional perception often pits security against privacy. Establishing robust security measures involves identifying potential threats, yet this process may involve scrutinising sensitive or personal data, posing a risk to privacy. In […]

The new Cybercrime Atlas: A collaborative approach to fighting digital crime

Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist and Global VP of Threat Intelligence at FortiGuard Labs, tells us how The Cybercrime Atlas is a first-of-its-kind initiative, building a comprehensive picture of the cybercrime landscape, including criminal operations, shared infrastructures and networks. The global transition to the digital economy means that the operations of governments, critical infrastructures, businesses […]

Expert Insight: Andrew Elvish, Vice-President of Marketing, Genetec

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