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Overcoming ‘work from home’ security challenges: Security beyond the VPN

With IT leaders concerned about the challenges of securing employee’s access to the corporate network, Krupa Srivatsan, Director, Cybersecurity Product Marketing at Infoblox, looks at some rising threats that could be encountered. With the remote working trend on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many IT managers and corporate leaders have naturally been concerned […]

Gigamon expert on why the human factor matters in cybersecurity – and how to deal with it

As organisations continue to grapple with the ‘new normal’, it’s important that they prioritise their cybersecurity strategies as cyberattackers look to leverage the COVID-19 pandemic for their own malicious gains. Garth Braithwaite, Senior Sales Director, Middle East, Southern Africa & Russia, Gigamon, tells us why enterprises must consider a security approach which couples Zero Trust […]

Why the Australian Government’s data is only as secure as its cyber strategy

Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy, and Anthony Spiteri, Senior Global Technologist, of Veeam, tell us with the right preparation, governments can build resiliency against ransomware attacks to avoid data loss, financial loss and reputation damage. Over the next 10 years, the Australian Government’s Cybersecurity Strategy 2020 will invest A$1.67 billion to achieve its […]

Why cybersecurity consulting should be boring and collaborative like public health

Nick Ellsmore, Director of Consulting and Professional Services (Pacific) at Trustwave, tells us that while state-sponsored cyberattacks get the headlines, there is plenty of pragmatic work that can be done to address the 99% of attacks that aren’t. I’ve been a cybersecurity consultant for over 20 years. Well, I was an IT security consultant for a […]

Closing the skills gap: The art of finding and retaining cybersecurity talent

The cybersecurity skills gap is not going away any time soon. Tim Bandos, CISO at Digital Guardian, explains how companies shouldn’t always rely on the same channels to look for employees. He says sometimes the perfect employee for the job is already in the company but just needs further training. Much has been written about […]

What does COVID teach us about OT cybersecurity?

Historically, OT processes ran on non-routable protocols. But the so-called air gap has disappeared as industrial networks converge with the IT network. This means operations teams have had to rethink the cybersecurity protections they put in place. Joe Robertson, EMEA CISO, Fortinet, explains. Today, almost no discussion about any subject goes on for long without […]

Powering up cybersecurity to protect CNI

Gareth Williams, Vice President – Secure Communications & Information Systems, Thales UK, speaks about risk management and fraud detection, outlining what enterprises, particularly in the financial sector, can do to encrypt their customer and employee data. With increasing automation and digitalisation, Critical National Infrastructure continues to be a key target for hackers. In fact, a […]

People as the new perimeter: Preventing social engineering attacks

With employees now an organisation’s new perimeter, savvy cybercriminals have shifted their focus to social engineering attacks such as Business Email Compromise and Email Account Compromise – with businesses facing huge financial losses as a result. Adenike Cosgrove, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy for International at Proofpoint, tells us how organisations can use technology and training […]

Why 360-degree visibility is vital to protect critical infrastructure

Aaron Ross, APAC Manager of Technical Services at Paessler, tells us without 360-degree visibility those responsible for safeguarding the sanctity of an organization’s data are flying blind. He says: “CIOs trying to solve the visibility issue are frustrated with too many complex, reactive solutions, which makes them vulnerable to sophisticated threats and attacks, as well […]

Simeio Solutions expert says: “Most breaches are from exploited passwords. Let’s get rid of them.”

James R Quick,Director, Solutions & Advisory for Simeio Solutions, tells us it’s time to get rid of passwords and instead automate and secure the authentication process. There are two things we can do to secure our corporate assets; get rid of users or eliminate passwords. I say that tongue and cheek, but there’s truth to […]

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