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Professionals lack the necessary tools to detect security threats, says LogRhythm report

LogRhythm’s global study revealed security teams’ stress levels surge due to lack of proper tools and executive support, impeding their ability to tackle threats.   LogRhythm, a company powering today’s security operations centers (SOCs), has announced the release of its report, The State of the Security Team: Are Executives the Problem? The surprising primary findings […]

Why IT security teams and employees need to work together to secure finance organizations

Financial institutions stand the best chance of achieving cyber hygiene if they make it their mission to teach their workforce about important cybersecurity behaviors. David Sajoto, Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan, ExtraHop, explains the important of cyber hygiene for finance organizations. Major data breaches are more than blips and nuisances. Often, […]

No silver bullet to deal with cyberattacks

Yaniv Hoffman, Vice President Technologies, Radware, tells Intelligent CIO APAC, how the attack surface has expanded in recent times. The pandemic threatening our global economy, has impacted significantly online behavior and the security of businesses and individuals. The massive increase in online activity, plus increased dependency on online services, means that attacks have a greater […]

Passing on passwords: How to embrace the new identity era

The username and password have long been the baseline method for protecting accounts, but for consumers and businesses alike, they’ve become a lose-lose. Nick Caley, Vice President, UK and Ireland, ForgeRock, explains why. For consumers, the tipping point passed when the number of online accounts they held reached the hundreds, meaning they can no longer be […]

Subex expert on the cyberthreats facing manufacturers

Attacks on manufacturing organisations can be particularly disruptive and, with the ongoing convergence of IT and OT systems, it’s critical that CIOs take steps to secure their critical infrastructure. Vinod Kumar, CEO, Subex, tells us about the challenges facing manufacturing firms and how they can get ahead of attackers. Can you tell us about some […]

NTT report reveals UK manufacturing as most attacked industry

Attackers have been using the COVID-19 pandemic to launch new attacks on organisations. Cybercriminals are evolving their tradecraft with new innovations and increasingly automating their attacks, according to the 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) launched by NTT, a world-leading global technology services provider. In the UK and Ireland, manufacturing became the most attacked sector, […]

Hack for good: Focus internal resources on what really matters

Russell Coleman, EMEA Sales Manager at HackerOne, explains how hacker-powered security can be an effective way for your organisation to make the most of its resources. The CISO, although a technically and intellectually complex role, their mandate is quite simple: to keep their organisation’s data secure and to minimise system downtime as a result of […]

Cybercriminals are using pandemic to trick vulnerable

Anna Collard, Managing Director of KnowBe4 Africa, says cybercriminals are using the pandemic to scam desperate people. In the United States, a popular job placement agency was used as the hunting grounds for scammers looking to take advantage of people in desperate need of work. The scam was simple – set up an alluring job […]

Fearless innovation: Powered by hackers

Russell Coleman, Co-ordinated Disclosure Advisor at HackerOne, explains how ethical hacking can help organisations improve their cybersecurity. You may have an image in your head of what a hacker is. Pop culture and some fearmongering security vendor marketing still depicts them as hooded social outcasts, maybe driven by greed or a need to make trouble […]

Barracuda Networks expert on the rise of Coronavirus-related phishing

Barracuda researchers have seen a steady increase in the number of COVID-19-related email attacks since January, but they have observed a recent spike in this type of attack – up 667% since the end of February. Between March 1 and March 23, Barracuda Sentinel has detected 467,825 spear phishing email attacks and 9,116 of those […]

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