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Cybersecurity roadmap: Threats proliferate but best practice still works

Zeki Turedi, CTO EMEA, CrowdStrike, discusses the cybersecurity landscape in the months to come and why the way forward depends on your choice of partner, not technology. It’s safe to say that last year was unrelenting on the cybersecurity front and adversaries are only becoming more sophisticated and adopting more advanced techniques and technologies to […]

The Metaverse is the ‘next frontier’ for the cyber industry

When it comes to the Metaverse, it is crucial that security is a top priority or businesses will risk leaving themselves open to attack. Lior Arbel, CTO of Encore, discusses the importance of staying secure in the Metaverse to ensure we reap its potential of revolutionising the way we communicate and conduct business. As new […]

Preparing for a ‘quantum’ world in 2023

Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA at Netskope, says the fact that new standards for post-quantum cryptography are coming is a hugely positive step forward in the constant evolution of security and why the transition to these standards will be one of the biggest transformational challenges facing security teams in the next decade. Every few decades, the […]

Single-vendor SASE will bring data security to every user, app and device

Manny Rivelo, Chief Executive Officer, Forcepoint, explains why security leaders will continue to look to Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, the convergence of cloud-delivered networking and security. There’s probably a universe out there where everyone’s using just one Zero Trust security solution. But not on this Earth, not yet at least. The trouble is […]

Account takeover fraud… and how to avoid falling victim

Anthony Daniel, Regional Director – Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, WatchGuard Technologies, tells us how cybercriminals exploit victims through account takeover fraud. Cybercriminals target their victims in many different ways, and one of the lesser-known methods is account takeover fraud (ATF). ATF is not new, but it’s a tactic that is being used more aggressively. […]

The key to modernising IT security

With an increasing cyberthreat level and continued moves towards hybrid working, organisations face the ever-present challenge of meeting their cybersecurity needs. We hear from Helen Kruger, CEO of Troye, regarding ways to ensure a secure hybrid working environment without slowing business productivity. The attack surface is expanding fast as more employees start working from more […]

Improving cybersecurity with Managed Security Services Providers

Jon Pratt, CIO at 11:11 Systems, discusses cybersecurity resourcing and the benefits of Managed Security Services. Despite a global spend of over US$130 billion on cyberdefense and thousands of vendors now active in the cybersecurity marketplace, the environment is getting worse when it comes to security risk. The number, nature and severity of cybersecurity breaches […]

What is good cloud migration security?

Cloud adoption continues to be important for many organizations as they transform how they do business in today’s digital world. US-based Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Vice President, Global Field CISO at Fortinet, tells us while there are many benefits associated with cloud adoption, the security implications of moving to the cloud cannot be ignored if organizations are […]

Future is female for data defenders

Mark Bowen, Editor of Intelligent CIO North America, says the future of the cybersecurity industry, and therefore the long-term protection of business data, is reliant on an increasing number of role models inspiring the next generation of female data defenders. Companies across the globe are constantly battling with the long-term question of how they can […]

Bitdefender expert on building a resilient enterprise security strategy

Enterprises are becoming increasingly concerned with the future of their security strategy post-pandemic. Dan Pitman, Director of Product and Technical Marketing at Bitdefender, discusses the importance of navigating new cybersecurity solutions with an expanding hybrid and remote working workforce. Businesses are investing in improving their cybersecurity after the pandemic – why is this? Businesses have […]

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