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3 cybersecurity best practice guidelines for the oil and gas industry

The scale of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) used by the oil and gas industry poses a growing cyber-risk. Schneider Electric offers three best practice guidelines to minimise the threat of cyberattack-driven disruptions to business continuity. Cyberattacks cost companies worldwide an estimated US$300-400 billion each year in unanticipated downtime and that number is projected to increase sharply. Some large industrial organisations estimate their cost of downtime in the millions of...

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Is it becoming easier for cybercriminals to access company data?

Ashraf Sheet, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox, looks at how companies can balance giving employees freedom to use their devices in the workplace while ensuring the network remains secure. We are in the age of the ‘office of the future’ – every company now battles it out to attract staff and clients by having the most fun office, with the newest gadgets and apps. This has seen...

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SureCloud helps U Account with GDPR compliance

U Account, a leading fin-tech solutions provider, has deployed six applications from the SureCloud GDPR Suite to enable the business to achieve and maintain compliance with the EU's GDPR that came into force in May 2018. U Account selected the SureCloud GDPR Suite, delivered from the SureCloud Platform, after it demonstrated the ability to link and cross-reference processing activities across all business processes. In addition, the solution enabled the organisation...

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Latest Threats

Kaspersky Lab reveals latest research on botnet activity

Kaspersky Lab researchers have published a report on botnet activity in the first half of 2018, analysing more than 150 malware families and their modifications circulating through 60,000 botnets around the world. One of the most remarkable things uncovered by the research was growing international demand for multifunctional malware that...

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Air Canada asks mobile app users to reset accounts as precaution

Air Canada has asked Mobile+ app users to reset their accounts as a security precaution. The company said in an online notice that it had detected unusual login behaviour with Air Canada’s mobile app between Aug. 22 and 24. Action was taken to immediately block these attempts and the firm implemented...

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Superdrug advise customers to change passwords following cyberattack

Industry experts have responded to a cyberattack on health and beauty retailer Superdrug. The company released a statement stating there had been ‘an event’ which may have resulted in the possible disclosure of some customers’ personal information. The statement said: “This does not include payment card information but could include...

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Deep Dive

12th September 2018

Industry experts on how best to secure the endpoint

Endpoint security is a key consideration for all CISOs and security professionals facing the reality that cyberattacks are now considered inevitable. Industry experts discuss how they think CISOs should best...

8th August 2018

Protecting your data – fighting fire with fire with zero-day recovery

For any given organisation, data is the fuel that keeps your business going, without which you cannot operate. Protecting this data should therefore be the priority of any business. However,...

23rd July 2018

Prioritising investment: Best practice for CISOs on a budget

CISOs face the constant challenge of working to a budget against the backdrop of an ever-growing cyberthreat landscape. It can be difficult to know where to prioritise investment. Intelligent CISO...

16th July 2018

Cybersecurity is new source of ‘competitive advantage’ for retailers

Cybersecurity is a new source of competitive advantage for retailers. That’s according to a report by Capgemini's Digital Transformation Institute, which has called for more organisations to align cybersecurity policies with...

29th June 2018

Digital forensics – the tools you need to investigate a cyberbreach

Every organisation and enterprise around the world is now facing the very real possibility that they may become the victim of a data breach. Intelligent CISO hears from a number...

19th June 2018

From SSL to CISSP – the certificates you need to be aware of

When it comes to cybersecurity there are two types of ‘certifications’ that really count. Here, we explore the realm of digital certificates as well as the security certifications available as...

15th May 2018

How will the transport of the future be affected by cybersecurity?

Self-drive vehicles are no longer just a hypothetical possibility. But while these new vehicles herald a revolutionary new era for transport, there are also some important security issues to be...

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